Schieritzstrasse | Berlin

In the borough of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin „Convalor Berlin Schieritzstraße GmbH & Co KG” opened a care facility meeting the latest standards. Altogether the care facility has 134 fully-fledged accommodations, most of them in ample single rooms. Though situated in a quiet side road the property is well connected with other parts of town by public transport. Alexanderplatz in the centre of Berlin for instance can be reached by tram in only 13 minutes. Besides the general elderly care the facility provides specialized divisions to look after people with brain lesions and vigil coma as well as a department for dementia patients. The building impresses with its bright and spacious rooms both in the public parts of the building and in the patient's single rooms. Opened in June 2006 the facility is run by Alloheim Senioren-Residenzen, an adept partner in the sector of full-service care. The company provides its services at 72 locations with assisted housing and 24 ambulant care services and is one of the three largest private operators in Germany.

Day Care Center | Köln-Nippes

In 2011 Finanz Prisma GmbH & Co Familieninvestitions KG built the daycare centre „Lummerland“, situated in the former factory canteen of a historic railway repair plant in Nippes, Cologne. Executing architect’s office was a+m Architekten, Cologne. On more than 900 square meters the harmonious blend of old and new holds available enough space for four groups of children, of which two groups are designated for children under three years. The large outdoor area as well as the neighbourhood of a well-known car-free estate are further features of this project. The preservation of the building’s historical structure, the sensible concentration of the existing development and above the use of a heat pump for an eco-friendly heat production implemented our ideas of sustainable building activity. And of course great pleasure is given to us by the small customers who seized the building.